In My Heart will be the premier online portal for Jewish obituaries, tributes and memorials. The site – in Hebrew and in English – will provide a safe and protected space to honor Jewish lives, both prominent and everyday.

We will be seeking contributions from the public, as well as writing original, journalistic news obituaries and features of Jewish individuals from all walks of life.

In the runup to the launching of our site, we will be blogging here about the individuals who have passed on in recent days, as well as those whose yahrzeit/אזכרה (death anniversary date) is timely.

We are doing this to honor Jewish lives, to keep them from being lost, and to provide a central place on the Internet for this information. Some of this information is out there – but it’s difficult to find. Much of it is not appearing anywhere else. We are going to need you to help us. Send us names, dates, and details. Help us tell the stories of lives that should not be forgotten.