Elli Kohen, 77, who moved from Turkey to the U.S., wrote a history of Turkish Jews and was a professor emeritus at University of Miami, died Dec. 9, 2007, of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Kohen’s other books covered his varied areas of interest and expertise, including oncology and myths about cats.

Kohen’s daughter, Dahlia Kohen-Gordon, told a newspaper he was a compassionate, encouraging professor. He gave students extensions or the chance for extra credit.

”He never failed a student,” she said. “Sometimes I thought he was too nice to the students and needed to be harsher. He always believed in the good of everyone.”

Kohen was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1930, earned a medical degree from Istanbul University in 1954 and then served in the Turkish army. Kohen studied and worked in Israel, Sweden, Brazil, Massachusetts, Texas and Pennsylvania, the Miami Herald reported.

In addition to his daughter, Kohen is survived by his wife and son-in-law Sean Gordon.

Services are scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 11, at Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapel, 5900 SW 77th Ave., S., Miami.